Honey Bee: Digital Music Game for Teachers

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A customisable and digital music game for teachers, ideal for use in music lessons.

This interactive game lets you drag the notes up or down the stave to set any question of your choice when a student draws a question card. Use for note naming, note playing, interval reading, or anything else you wish.

In Honey Bee students try to get their bee to the finish line before the bears steal all the honey (watch out for greedy Eddie bear - the thief!) Each turn, pick a honeycomb to either answer a question, or win/lose points. Be careful though - if the score goes below zero it's game over!

This game is great for both in person and online lessons, and works really well if you set up a leaderboard competition in your studio. My own students love trying to reach the top spot! (visit the Learnatune Facebook page to see my leaderboards in action).

After purchase you will receive a zip file with the game inside. Extract the file to your Windows computer or laptop (will not open on a tablet or smartphone) click on the Launch_Story.exe file and play. It may work on an Apple computer but this will depend on your security settings (click instead on the story.html file to open and play).

If you have any problems please contact me directly before leaving a review and I hope you and your students enjoy the game!



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