A Complete Guide to Piano Triads

A Complete Guide to Piano Triads

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Help your adult/teen piano students learn everything they need to know about triads, so they can start making music today... even if they can't read music yet!

How would your adult/teen students feel if they could start playing their favourite songs (and creating their own!) before they master note-reading?

  • Would it give them a boost of confidence?
  • Would it help them believe in themselves and their ability to learn piano?
  • Would it make learning piano more fun?
  • Would it motivate them to keep going, even when the learning gets tough?

This ebook will help your adult/teen students learn to:

  • Build any triad on any root note
  • Invert triads
  • Break free of close position triads
  • Understand root/quality chord symbols (even slash chords!)
  • Understand functional chord symbols
  • Play 4 common chord progressions (including the I-V-vi-IV progression)

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