Calliope Musical Circus | Practice Incentive Program

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Come One, Come All to the Calliope Musical Circus!
Students will be focusing on improving their ensemble skills with the goal of learning at least one duet a month. As they are passing off their duets they will be choosing from 10 different "circus acts" which are challenges varying from learning a piece by rote, composing, learning "animal" techniques to improve their playing and more!
Throughout the program, students will also have the opportunity to earn tickets when they "strive for 5!"
A fun-filled program, Calliope Musical Circus includes:
  • Teacher Instructions
  • Circus Program Pages for Students
  • Certificates
  • Circus Act Tags
  • Composition Paper
  • Decor (Banner and posters)
  • Flyer and/or Recital program cover template
  • Getting to Know You worksheet
  • Photo Props
  • Practice Chart
  • Social Media Templates (includes editable)
  • Student Assignment Page (includes editable)
  • Student Workbook Cover
  • Teacher Progress Log
  • Ticket options
  • Treat Toppers
PLEASE NOTE: This file does not include the resources for the circus act challenges but does include resource ideas and iOS app suggestions for the challenges.
Tip! This program is designed to last anywhere from 6-9 months. I personally like to run my programs from mid-August (when we start back to our regular fall lesson schedule) to mid-April, which is about a month before our recital. This way I have time to figure out and order the awards without having to worry if they will get to me in time.
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