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Are you looking for Christmas music games and worksheets to test your students' musical knowledge? 

Want to be able to play the same game with students that are different levels? 

This Christmas Games Bumper Pack is for you!

Included in the digital download: 

100+ Christmas Themed Musical Question Cards
- Finger Numbers
- Piano Notes Cards
- Treble Clef Question Cards
Ranging from Middle C to the C two octaves above 
- Bass Clef Question Cards 
Ranging from Middle C to the C two octaves below
- Notes & Rests Question Cards 
Semibreve & Semibreve Rest (Whole Note & Whole Rest), Dotted Minim (Dotted Half Note), Minim & Minim Rest (Half Note & Half Rest), Crotchet & Crotchet Rest (Quarter Note & Quarter Rest), Two Quavers (Two Eighth Notes), Quaver Triplet (Eighth Note Triple), Four Semiquavers (Four Sixteenth Notes)
- Interval Question Cards
Clefless staves with two notes, either a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, or an octave apart 
- Chord Question Cards
Major chords in root position, 1st inversion, and 2nd inversion
- Key Signature Question Cards
Major and minor key signatures
- Dynamic Question Cards
Dynamic symbols, ranging from pianissimo to fortissimo  
- Spaces Grids
Conversion grids so players know how many spaces to move depending on the musical element they've identified 
- Instructions 
Ways in which you can use the question cards 

These musical question cards can then be used to play all of the games - you can choose which pack you'd like to use 

This is great for those days when you have a beginner student who needs to practice identifying notes on the piano, but also a student who needs more work on identifying intervals. The same game can be used for both, you just need a different set of cards! 

8 Music

- Christmas Eve Treats 
Leave out treats for Santa and Rudolph using intervals, chords, or note recognition 
- Decorate The Tree
Race round the board to be the first person to decorate your Christmas tree by identifying piano notes or stave notes
- Fashion Snow
Collect your clothes from the snowmen and be the first player to get to the Winter Fashion Show
- Gingerbread Bump It
Be the player with the most Gingerbread People living in the Gingerbread Village by identifying sharps and flats on the staves and pianos 
- Lost Sloth at Christmas
Find your way through the Christmas maze with the help of the sleepy Christmas sloth 
Pass The Present
Try to collect the most presents in this fun and fast-paced game
-Rudolph the Rhythm Reindeer
Race around the board to collect the correct rhythms for your Christmas phrase
- The Candy Cane Gnome
Who can collect the most candy canes?

Each of these games includes six components of effective educational games:

Educational aspect (players can only complete the games by answering music questions)
Objective or goals (either collecting the highest number of items, or reaching the end first)
- Rules or instructions (rules are included for each game)
- Conflict or competition (for example, spaces that require players to miss a turn, or friendly competition between players to be the first to achieve something)
- Outcome (each game will have a clear winner or a draw between players)
- Fun (players will have fun playing these games!) 

These components mean that students and teachers LOVE playing these games, as the student feels they're playing an actual board game, and the teachers are able to test and reinforce musical knowledge in a fun and enjoyable way. 

6 Music Worksheets

Slothman is hosting a Christmas party for his friends and family, but disaster has struck! The presents are all muddled up, the food isn't quite ready, the tree hasn't been decorated, there's no music for the party, and Slothman doesn't know what to wear! 

Help Slothman get ready for his party by completing the worksheets.

Lost Slothman
Navigate your way through a maze and draw the musical notes on the stave
- Baker Slothman
Work out the number of beats on the cupcake cases and draw on the correct number of sprinkles
- Santa Slothman
Read the treble clef and bass clef notes to work out who each present belongs to
- Musical Slothman
Help Slothman write a song, pairing up lyrics to rhythms 
- Decorator Slothman
Identify the notes around the tree to know which design to draw on each bauble 
- Stylish Slothman
Jazz up Slothman's clothes by identifying notes and note values to know what to draw 

(There are two version of the worksheets. One version includes 'Helpful Notes' so students can use the information to help them work out the answers. The other version is simply the puzzle, no helpful notes) 

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