Create Your Own Chord Progressions

Create Your Own Chord Progressions

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Learn the basics of music harmony, so you can confidently create your own music... without a fancy music degree!

How would your life be different if you could create your own chord progression in a matter of minutes, and know it would sound good?

How good would it feel to know exactly:

  • which chords will sound good together?
  • how to put them in a good order?
  • when to change to a new chord?
  • how to use chords to create structure and organization in your music?

How good would it feel to finally be able to express your inner stories and emotions through music?

The truth is, music harmony is a lot less complicated than people want you to believe.

It's not just for professional musicians and those studying advanced music at university.

It's time to make the principles of music harmony accessible to the everyday person!

Because every musician... from the professional to the casual hobbyist... has a musical story to tell!