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I like to ask my students Getting to Know You questions the first week they begin lessons, every year. It's fun to see how their favorites change each year.

GAME IDEA- If using in person, use the digital version cards in this bundle. Print out the cards and play hot potato. When the music stops, that student answers a question! If using online, use an online spinner and spin a number. Go to that # slide and ask their question.

This bundle includes:

  • PDF Version- 8 different music themed backgrounds to choose from. Print them on color paper to make it pop! Editable version also included so you can change the questions to what fits your students best.

  • Digital Version- Use online or offline. Available as Google Slides, PowerPoint or PDF. This getting to know you resource includes 18 questions and is perfect for distance learning. Digital version is not editable.

This is an individual teacher reproducible license which means you can print as many as you need for your own students or use digitally, but it is not shareable with other teachers or classes.

If you have any questions or problems at all with the resource, please contact me directly first, before leaving a review. You can contact me in the Q & A on TpT or through email (in the TOU file).

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