If You Can Sing Chords, You Can Play Chords

If You Can Sing Chords, You Can Play Chords

The Unfinished Lesson

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This 10-week series of sequential chord warm-ups is the perfect tool to get students listening & improvising in your studio.

Your students will be amazed at how easy it becomes to play chord progressions in any key once they sing chords & play these warm-ups!

What’s included:


  • Warm-up ideas for the start of lessons
  • Practice during the week ideas
  • Review ideas for the start of the next lesson
  • Different wording sets to take the student beyond Solfege (using moveable Do)
  • Enrichment activities for beginners, for a challenge, & lab time
  • How to make this a studio challenge with points

You will receive a zip file of PDF's with your purchase.  Please be sure you are able to open zip files on your device before purchase.



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