Issue 11 - August 2014

Issue 11 - August 2014

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In This Issue

You Can Teach Jazz!

This month we will be exploring jazz and blues. Elena Cobb has words of encouragement and plenty of ideas in her article You Can Teach Jazz!

Notes with Nick

This month Nick Ambrosino is back with more advice on improvisation.

Take Aim at World Music Discover Piano Accents

Finally, although it is not Jazz or Blues, be sure to read the interview with Dr. Gail Fischler and Neeki Bey of Piano Accents. They are celebrating the recent release of their newest volume of world music - Bollywood!

Improvising with the Blues Scale for Beginners

If you have never tried improvising using a blues scale, Improvising with the Blues Scale for Beginners should help you get started improvising in your studio. Even if you have been improvising using the blues scale you might find a new idea or two.

Book Review: A Philosophical Approach to Jazz Piano

Be sure to read Beth West's review of A Philosophical Approach to Jazz Piano by Daniel Bennett.

App Review: Super Duck

Then learn more about Elena Cobb’s music and her new app Super Duck in this month’s app review.

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