Issue 12 - September 2014

Issue 12 - September 2014

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Creativity: Vitamin C for the Soul

Leila Viss, on our cover, is familiar with introducing creativity and improvisation in her studio. Together with Bradley Sowash she has been running camps for students (including teachers) the last few years. In Creativity: Vitamin C for the Soul, Leila will share some thoughts on using iPad apps to help teach improv skills. She also has some videos to share from some of the summer camps she helped run this year. Those camps look like fun!

Review: Musical Words

Sometimes all it takes to get the creative juices flowing is a new way to look at a piece. Musical Words, a game created by Dr. Gail Fischler might just be the thing your studio needs.

Notes with Nick

Then, Nick Ambrosino is back again with the answer to another question.

Wired to Improvise (and what that means for your teaching)

Michael Katz had been working on a program and he was looking for teachers to give him some feedback. We talked, he sent me what he had done and I've been waiting since last October to be able to start using it with my students. He was finally ready to release things over the summer and I have happily been able to start using his Freescaling in my studio. You’ve never heard of Freescaling? Well, be sure to take time to read Michael's article, Wired to Improvise (and what that means for your teaching) to learn not only about freescaling but also about rhythmetrics. I am thrilled to be able to introduce Michael to you and I hope you find the his materials as valuable as I have. So far my students have absolutely loved his material. As a teacher, I love the way he incorporates scales, rhythm and improvisation in one complete package.

Improvise at the First Lesson!

Maybe teaching improvisation is new to you and you are looking for some concrete activities you can start doing with your students. Suzanne Solum has one idea that she shares in her article Improvise at the First Lesson! She even shares a 'cheat sheet’ (ie a transcription of the music) to help you get started.

Review: Kreative Keyboards

Finally, rather than an app review this month there is a review of a cloth keyboard and game set called Kreative Keyboards. I recently began using this and am excited by the possibilities.

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