Issue 17 - February 2015

Issue 17 - February 2015

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How We Became the Top Piano Studio in Our Area (Without Even Trying)

John LeDell and his wife Cinder run a large studio whose brand starts with the unique property their studio is housed in. But it goes beyond that. John has shared his story in How We Became the Top Piano Studio in Our Area (Without Even Trying).

Let's Play! Help Your Students Improvise

Michael Katz shares a new lesson, this time on composition in Let’s Play! Help Your Students Improvise. I would love to hear how the ideas Michael is providing are being implemented in your studios!

Growing a Successful Studio

Then Donny Lee, a professional performer for decades who turned to teaching after 'retiring', has written down some of his thoughts on Growing a Successful Studio. Donny Lee, together with his wife Mary, has established and grown his studio not once, but twice, and in two different states.

Notes with Nick

As always, Nick Ambrosino shares some more of his wisdom in Notes with Nick.

Takin' It to the Streets: Increasing Your Student Roster Through In-Home Lessons

But you don’t need to be married to a teaching partner to establish a successful studio as evidenced by Mary Ruth Schuler's story which she shares in Takin’ It to the Streets. Increasing Your Student Roster Through In-Home Lessons. Mary Ruth provides in home lessons and shares tips and tricks for anyone thinking about starting such a service.

Music Review: Fairyland in Treble by Nikolas Sideris

One aspect of branding can revolve around the choice of music you use with your students. Merri Williams has written a review of Fairyland in Treble for piano 4 Hands. If you are not already familiar with these pieces by Nikolas Sideris you will want to read Merri’s review.

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