Issue 19 - April 2015

Issue 19 - April 2015

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Meet Daniel McFarlane - Supersonics Piano

Daniel McFarlane, on our cover, runs Supersonics Piano from his home in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. I had the opportunity to catch up with Daniel and learn a little bit more about him and Supersonics Piano. Daniel was recently interviewed by another Aussie, Tim Topham. You can watch that podcast in this issue too. And be sure to print out your copy of one of Daniel’s new pieces, Dungeon Run, a gift from Daniel to you and your students.

Let's Play! Help Your Students Improvise

Michael Katz is back this month with more improvising ideas. This month he will explore improvising with Pachelbel’s Canon in D in his column Let's Play! Help Your Students Improvise.

Seeing Major Scales Differently

Then, take a fresh look at playing major scales with Daniel Bennett (Budapest, Hungary) in his piece Seeing Major Scales Differently. You might just see playing scales in a whole new light and/or find new ways to work on them with your students.

It Started with a Great Cup of Coffee...

Have you heard about The Curious Piano Teachers? This is a new business that has been started up by Sally Cathcart and Sharon Mark-Teggart which promises to help keep your teaching inspired and give you the tools to become extraordinary piano teachers. You can learn more about what they are offering in It Started with a Great Cup of Coffee.

Notes with Nick

Nick Ambrosino brings more advice on how to motivate students to practice in Notes with Nick.

Technique Trainer 1 - Developing Confident Piano Technique

Back down under, we catch up with Jackie Sharp (Purrfect Practice) and learn more about her latest project Technique Trainer 1 which will help young students develop confident piano technique.

Resource: Teacher/Creators Outside the US

If you need more ideas from other teachers around the world, dig into Resource: Teacher/Creators Outside the US for links to other teachers and their blogs, music and other resources.

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