Issue 2 - November 2013

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Music Teacher's Helper or Moosic Studio?

For instance, those tasks that take you away from teaching can now be managed in large part by studio management programs. For many years, using multiple programs not designed for music studios or using Music Teacher's Helper were pretty much the only options when it came to studio management. But now there is a new app in town - Moosic Studio. So which application is right for you? Read reviews by piano teachers Merri Williams and Lynn Frank and learn of the benefits of each program and then decide.

The iPad Piano Studio - Keys to Unlocking the Power of Apps

Between the covers of The iPad Piano Studio you will find information, ideas, insight and inspiration on integrating the iPad within every aspect of studio teaching. Yes, it's called the iPad PIANO Studio, but teachers of other instruments will find the book beneficial as well.

Using the iPad in Lessons - Multitouch White Board

This month Leila Viss (who has a new book out - The iPad Piano Studio) shares how she integrates a white board app, Skitch, her iPad and online worksheets to add a fun learning tool to her lessons without running up her copy costs! Read about her new book too!

Meet iOS7

The new iOs7 has been out for a few weeks now. Some people love it, others hate it. Wherever you fall on the spectrum you will find the first in a series of articles by Mary Nunaley on getting the most out of the new iOs7 worth your time.

Online Lessons - What’s All the Fuss?

But the iPad isn't the only technological tool teachers can use in their lessons. More and more teachers are introducing online lessons. Is this something to add to your studio? What equipment is needed to offer online lessons? Read more in Online Lessons - What’s All the Fuss?

How to Create and Market an Online Course

Have you ever thought about combining your teaching skills and technology to create a product that has the potential to bring in passive income once the product is created while reaching more students? Spur your creativity by checking out How to Create and Market an Online Course.

App Review - Notate Me

Then, read a brief review of the new music notation app Notate Me.

How to Setup Your First YouTube Channel

Finally, if you have ever wanted to set up a YouTube account but did not know how to get started, there is an article for you by James S. Gibson which will give you the information you need.

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