Issue 20 - May 2015

Issue 20 - May 2015

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VOILA!! My Musical Journey with Natalia

On of these resources is a Facebook group that is for piano teachers who are working with special needs students. Susan Hong helped start this group in November, 2014 after working with Natalia, a special needs student, and realizing there were not many resources available online regarding piano and special needs. You can find out more about Susan's journey, the group she helped start and it's background in Viola!! My Musical Journey with Natalia.

5 Keys to Assisting Students with Hearing Loss

Has anyone ever approached you about working with a student who has hearing loss? This is a need that seems to be talked about less than some other issues, but is important (especially if you have such a student!) Nancy M. Williams shares some very valuable tips as a student with hearing loss in 5 Keys to Assisting Students with Hearing Loss. She has many insights that will help you if you have the opportunity to work with a hearing impaired student.

Me? Teach a Blind Student?

Then Patti Bennett shares her inspiring journey helping Timothy, a blind student who had been refused help by a number of other teachers before his mother found Patti. Patti had no previous experience working with a blind student and did not even have the internet to help her out. Her creativity and openness to trying new ideas will be an inspiration to teachers everywhere. You will find dozens of tips in Me? Teach a Blind Student? that will help you not only working with a blind student, but also one with any sort of special need.

Let's Play: Help Your Students (and you!) Improvise

Michael Katz shares another exercise for you and your students in Let’s Play: Help Your Students (and you!) Improvise.

A Special Needs Student, a Piano Teacher and a Music Therapist - the Perfect Team

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to work with students with special needs. Sadly, it never crossed my mind to find and bring a music therapist on board for a consultation. Perhaps you have been in the same boat. Maybe, like me, you never thought about it, maybe you had, but did not know where to start. Kristin Jordheim M.A., Certified Music Therapist not only shares some of the benefits of getting a music therapist involved, but she also points us in the right direction to find one in A Special Needs Student, a Piano Teacher and a Music Therapist - the Perfect Team.

Notes with Nick

Finally, Nick Ambrosino brings more advice in Notes with Nick.

The Music that Gave Me a Voice

Amy Ruth Shapiro is intimately acquainted with working with special needs students because she is one of the millions of special needs students who has benefited from having music in her life. She shares a little of her story in The Music That Gave Me a Voice (and you can learn about her book by the same name!)

Piano Lessons Reinvented for Special Learners

Do you have a favorite method to use with you special needs students? Have you heard about Occupational Octaves Piano TM? If not, read more about this method that was created by Lee Stockner in Piano Lessons Reinvented for Special learners.

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