Issue 21 - June 2015

Issue 21 - June 2015

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An Interview with Michael Katz

For nearly a year now, Michael Katz has been sharing a monthly improv idea with you in his column. But who exactly is Michael Katz and what is this Freescaling program he talks about? Learn more as I sit down with Michael in An Interview with Michael Katz.

You Can Teach Creativity

Bradley Sowash is a name many are familiar with. It's a name most associate with teaching improv. Together with Leila Viss, he runs a few camps each summer teaching creativity (I.e. Improv) to both students and teacher. In his article You Can Teach Creativity, Bradley shares some tips that will get you started teaching some basic improvisation skills to your students.

Notes with Nick

Nick Ambrosino joins us again with more advice in Notes with Nick.

Creating a World of Harmony

Creativity takes many shapes in the music world. Debbie Center is a prime example of a piano teacher who has taken her skills, applied a little creativity and created something new. You can learn more about Debbie and the world she has created in Creating a World of Harmony.

Using Creative Thinking to Problem Solve

Do you apply creative thinking to the business aspects of your studio? Have you ever tried to think outside the box when trying to help a student? If you understand the creative thinking process, many problems that seem to have no answer are solvable. Learn the basics in Using Creative Thinking to Problem Solve.

Creatives on the Sea Cruise

The inaugural Creatives on the Sea Cruise has come and gone. A huge thank you to all who helped get this outside the box conference launched! Be sure to see what you missed!

Resource: Creative Thinking

If all of that has you wanting more ideas when it comes to using creativity in your studio, be sure to check out Resource. Creative Thinking.

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