Issue 22 - July 2015

Issue 22 - July 2015

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Top Strategies for Client Retention: becoming a People-Centric Teacher

Mary Ruth Schuler (on our cover) is back with more words of wisdom, this time related to student retention. It is far more cost effective to retain a student than to find a new one. What things should you be doing to increase the likelihood of retaining students for years? See how many things you are doing that are also on Mary Ruth's list when you read Top Strategies for Client-Retention: Becoming a People-Centric Teacher.

What I Did on My Summer Vacation

This summer I took advantage of an opportunity to work full time (for 9 weeks) teaching a reading and math program. The job gave me a whole new perspective on many things related to teaching and running a studio. What I wasn't expecting was the drastic change in my life going from working long hours for myself to having a Monday-Friday, 8 am — 5 pm job along with a new empathy for the working parents in my studio and the lives they might lead. You can read more about my experiences in What I Did on My Summer Vacation.

Notes with Nick By Nick Ambrosino and Let's Play! Help Your Students (and You!) Improvise By Michael Katz

You will also find a new piece of music, A Sleepy Summer's Night, in this issue to use with your students should you choose. Rounding out the issue are words of wisdom from Nick Ambrosino in Notes with Nick and more great improv ideas from Michael Katz

Review: Sacred Music Piano Study Series Vol 1

If you have ever looked for easy hymn arrangements for your beginner students, then you will want to check out my review of a new series of books — Sacred Music Study Series Vol. 1 by Brenda A. McGee.

Resource: Planning and Organizing

Also included this month is a list of resources that should (hopefully) make the planning process easier for you this year. Find links to articles on everything from studio organization to themes and incentives to suppliers of every kind of supply, piece of furniture, clothing, etc. that you could possibly want or need. There are also some miscellaneous links to things like bulletin board templates and a website that allows you to post (or claim!) a piano you have to donate to someone in need.

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