Issue 23 - August 2015

Issue 23 - August 2015

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An Interview with Nick Ambrosino

Nick Ambrosino, who is on our cover this month, usually shares tidbits of wisdom in his column Notes with Nick. This month I asked Nick if he would take some time out of his busy schedule and agree to an interview. Which he graciously did. Learn more about this two time author, business owner and speaker in An Interview with Nick Ambrosino. And don't forget to get your questions in each month, Nick may answer your question next!

Canvases and Keys

I love the philosophical approach Daniel Bennett takes when it comes to playing piano. Whether it is a blog post or a YouTube video, Daniel always has something thought provoking to share. This month he shares some thoughts on improvising as he compares improvising on the piano to painting on a blank canvas in Canvases and Keys.

Winning the Secret War in the Student's Mind

A growing trend is to introduce more improvisation and composition to students. While not all teachers do this, there are more and more materials being created to help those who have decided to journey down this path. Ernest Chapman is one of these innovators. Drawing on his rich background working with professional musicians, his experiences as a student and his experiences teaching students today, Ernest has developed a new product called the Magic Music Method. You can learn more about Ernest and this product that is helping to make learning fun in his article Winning the Secret War in the Student's Mind. Be sure to check out the special offer to readers of this magazine!

Let's Play: Help Your Students (and you!) Improvise

Michael Katz is back again with another insightful column and another idea to share with your students as you journey down the improvising track.

A Man and Two Missions

About a week ago, I had the opportunity to learn of the work of Colin Thomson. Colin has a slightly different background from most contributors to this magazine and he has 2 projects that might be of interest to readers. First is his website designed to help develop the very important skill of sight reading while saving teachers hours of time seeking out the perfect materials. His second project is geared towards the performing musician. You can learn more about these projects (and read about the special offers) in A Man and Two Missions.

Resource: Men and their Products

If you are looking for more materials and inspiration, be sure to check out this month's Resource: Men and their Products complete with live links to easily access their products and other materials.

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