Issue 24 - September 2015

Issue 24 - September 2015

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Motivating through the Holidays

Jennifer Foxx shares some ideas for ways to add some extra pizzazz to a number of holidays with some great ideas in her article Motivating through the Holidays. Be sure to click on the italiziced words for links to articles with even more information!

Holiday Music: Review and Resources

Finding engaging holiday music seems like an uphill battle at times. While finding arrangements of Christmas music is fairly easy (although sometimes it can be overwhelming to sort through all the Christmas options!), finding appropriate music, or any music for that matter, for Halloween and Thanksgiving can be a little more problematic.Then get a jump start on your research for fun music for your students when you read Holiday Music: Review and Resources.

BONUS MUSIC: Minuet in G....Minor

Be sure to download your copy of Minuet in G....Minor for use in your studio.

Let's Play! Help Your Students (and Yourself!) Improvise

Improvising is listening to what is happening musically and responding in some way to what you hear. It's a process. That's how we all learned to talk isn't it? We need to initiate some musical conversations with our students to help them build musical vocabulary.Michael Katz is back with more improvising advice!

Resource: Foods & Crafts (for End of Year Events)

If you are looking for fun and festive snack ideas for your next holiday piano party or recital or you are looking for simple and crafty ideas for for end of year gifts for your students, be sure to go through Resource: Foods & Crafts (for End of Year Events).

Notes with Nick

Nick Ambrosino (Coffee with Ray and Lessons with Matt) has more teaching advice.

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