Issue 27 - December 2015

Issue 27 - December 2015

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Apps I Cannot Live Without

Many are familiar with Becki Tapia Laurent. She can be found on many Facebook forums and is a huge fan of JoyTunes and Piano Maestro. In fact, she recently wrote a book - The Insider's Guide to JoyTunes' Piano Maestro (which can be found on Amazon). She also happens to be on our cover this month. And she shared some of her favorite apps in her article Apps I Cannot Live Without. Are your favorites on her list?

Help Your Students Improvise - Let's Play!

Michael Katz is back with another improv idea in Help Your Students Improvise - Let's Play! This month he bases his improvisation ideas off a classical piece your and your students are probably familiar with.

Introduction to Wolfie for Piano

Have you heard about the new app Wolfie for Piano? Designed to assist with practice, learn more about this app (and see if it's right for you and your studio in Intro to Wolfie for Piano by Jennifer Elias.

Venturing Beyond C and G Major

Stepping away from apps for a moment, Merri Williams is back with another review of music. This month she reviews a collection by Nicole DiPaolo in her article Venturing Beyond C and G Major. Check out the review, then pick up the music!

Notes with Nick

And finally, Nick Ambrosino shares some thoughts on the place of apps and technology in a piano studio in Notes with Nick.

App Review: Rhythm Swing

A few weeks ago, I heard about a new app that had just been released, Rhythm Swing. was on sale for the first week and so I purchased it knowing nothing more than it was a rhythm app. Unfortunately, my iPad 2 still runs iOs7 and there were some issues running the app on my iPad. Luckily for me (and my students!) unlike some developers who are postponing updates to accommodate those running iOs7, the developer of Rhythm Swing got to work looking for a solution. This has become the favorite app in my studio at the moment. You can read more about the app and my experiences with in in my App Review: Rhythm Swing.

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