Issue 29 - February 2016

Issue 29 - February 2016

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Preschool Music - Let Them Play!

You may be familiar with Kris Skaletski (on our cover), owner of KiddyKeys® Preschool Music and Piano Program, an extremely popular group preschool and piano prep program. Kris shares her years of experience working with preschoolers in her article Preschool Music - Let Them Play!

Notes with Nick

Nick Ambrosino is back with more advice in Notes with Nick.

Exercise Your Teaching Muscles... By Teaching Piano to Preschoolers

Then Andrea Dow (, Wunderkeys and more) shares her perspective on the many ways preschoolers can help you become a better teacher in her article Exercise Your Teaching Muscles...By Teaching Piano to Preschoolers!

World Championship Old - Time Piano Playing Contest and Festival

With spring approaching, many teachers are turning their thoughts to upcoming competitions. This year the World Championship Old - Time Piano Playing Contest and Festival moves to Ole Miss in Oxford, Mississippi over Memorial Day weekend and you can be among the first to get all the details in this issue. If you are a fan of ragtime, traditional jazz and blues, you might want to put this event on your calendar.

Taming the Chaos in Preschool Music Class

Are you looking for tips that will help you work with preschoolers (and their parents)? Then you won't want to miss Taming the Chao in Preschool Music Class by Dena C. Adams. Dena Adams was once the Director of the Creative Team at Kindermusik International, a leader in preschool music program for many years and brings years of experience working with this age group to the table.

Facebook Ads Demystified Part 2 Local Awareness Ads

Have you struggled to get the word out about your studio? Do Facebook ads intimidate you? Do you just want to learn more about Facebook advertising? If any of these are true, make sure to read Part 2 of Facebook Ads Demystified. This month, I dig into the Local Awareness ad objective.

Help Your Students Improvise: Let's Play! By Michael Katz

Michael Katz has more great ideas to get us all improvising. While composing and improvising are not the same, Michael believe that they belong under the same creative musical umbrella. So here's an opportunity for your students to engage in both activities.

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