Issue 30 - March 2016

Issue 30 - March 2016

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3 Mistakes I Made At My First Summer Camp

Tracy Selle (author of 107 Piano Practice Tips) and Sara Campbell (both on the cover) have been hard at work putting together a webinar that focuses on group lessons (and what is a camp but a group lesson, right?). Additionally, in this issue, Tracy Selle has reflected on her first camp experiences in 3 Mistakes I Made at My First Summer Camp. Read her article for tips that will make hosting your first camp easier and also learn more about her latest venture, Upbeat Piano Teacher (which is hosting the aforementioned Group Lessons 101 webinar).

3 Reasons You Should Be Holding Summer Camps This Year

Jennifer Foxx (Music Educator Resources, formerly FPS Resources) shares 3 Reasons You Should Be Holding Summer Camps this Year which goes along perfectly with the new course she has just released on holding summer camps.

Notes with Nick

Nick Ambrosino is back with the third part of an answer to a question asked of him in January in Notes with Nick.

Review: Make More, Teach Less

I was fortunate enough to receive a review copy and in my opinion, this is definitely a course worth picking up - whether you are new to summer camps or are just looking for some new ideas. You can read more in my Review: Make More, Teach Less - A Comprehensive Guide to Running a Music Camp.

Looking for a Good Piano Camp to Motivate Your Students

Typically when we think of summer camps, we think of those we offer in our studio. But there are other opportunities for our students every year, most hosted by colleges and universities. Have you ever thought about recommending a student attend a camp like that? lan Hominick has been running Piano Discoveries Camp at Ole Miss since 2007 and he shares some of his thoughts on this topic in Looking for a Good Piano Camp to Motivate Your Students.

Play to Learn: Let's Play! By Michael Katz

Michael Katz has composed a blues piece just for the magazine - and turned it into an improv exercise to boot! You won't want to miss Michael's recently renamed column - Play to Learn: Let's Play!

App Review: Piano Learning Games

In January I ran across a Facebook discussion about an app that many teachers were excited about, yet seemed to be on the chopping block as it was getting too expensive for the developer to maintain. This has become one of my favorite apps to use with my younger students and my special needs students. Learn more about this app in Review: Piano Learning Games.

Facebook Ads Demystified Part 3 Flex Targeting

Then don't miss part 3 of my series on Facebook advertising. This month I talk about flex targeting, a new tool available to Facebook users. Read more in Facebook Ads Demystified: Part 3 Flex Targeting.

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