Issue 31 - April 2016

Issue 31 - April 2016

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How to Find Students on Facebook for Free!

This month, we will spend some time focusing on a couple of aspects of putting your business online. Daniel Patterson (on the cover) has recently started a blog ( He shares an expanded excerpt from his Facebook guide in this issue sharing even more ideas. If you are looking for ways to acquire new students, be sure to check out How to Find Students on Facebook for Free.

Notes with Nick By Nick Ambrosino and Play to Learn: Let's Play! By Michael Katz

Nick Ambrosino brings more good advice in Notes with Nick and Michael Katz not only drops a tremendous observation in Play to Learn: Let's Play this month, but he also shares some thoughts on how you can bring theory alive on the keyboard using some basic chords and an improvisation exercise.

Protected: 5 Tips to Keep Your WP Website More Secure

In addition to a presence on Facebook, a studio website is almost a ‘must’ these days. WordPress is popular for this but if your website is hacked, it can become a nightmare. Christina Lopriore shares some helpful advice to decrease the likelihood of being hacked in Protected: 5 Tips to Keep Your WP Website Secure.

Five Things to Know About Ready for Theory

Lauren Lewandowski took time to share more about her theory workbooks in Five Things to Know About Ready for Theory. If you are looking for more practice pages, or just in search of a different theory series, this might be the series for you.

Facebook Ads Demystified Part 4 Audience Insights

Learn about the research tool Audience Insights (found within Facebook) in this month's instalment on running Facebook ads Facebook Ads Demystified: Part 4 Audience Insights.

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