Issue 32 - May 2016

Issue 32 - May 2016

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Meet Jacki Alexander

If you are a member of Piano Teacher Central or the Piano Pronto teachers group, you are probably familiar with Jacki Alexander. Jacki (on the cover this month) is a long time teacher who began composing late in life. She now has pieces published by Piano Pronto Composers Community and Sheet Music Plus. You can learn more about Jacki's journey in Meet Jacki Alexander.

A Medley of Composing Ideas

Edward Weiss has helped many students find their creative muse in his blog posts and online course which focuses on the New Age style of piano that is popular today. This month he has shared some of his blog posts having to do with composition in A Medley of Composing Ideas. Not only has Edward shared some concrete ideas to use when getting started with composing, but he also spends some time addressing the frame of mind that is most helpful to have when approaching the task.

Notes with Nick

This month, sample a video from Nick Ambrosino's new YouTube channel in Notes with Nick.

But I Can't Compose!

If you are looking for more ideas and inspiration, be sure to read But I Can't Compose! by teacher/composer Beth West. Beth specializes in teaching composition to her students and agreed to share some tips and insights with readers of this magazine (all while working on producing her second CD of her music).

Facebook Ads Demystified Part 5 Lead Ads

Then, if you are interested in learning even more about Facebook ads, be sure to read Facebook Ads Demystified: Part 5: Lead Ads. This ad, while taking a little more work to make use of, could be useful to you if you are trying to collect email addresses of potential students.

Play to Learn: Let's Play! By Michael Katz

Play around with some new improvising ideas when you read Play to Learn: Let's Play by Michael Katz. Michael provides new rhythm notation, audio clips and more this month - all which will be helpful as you explore improvising (and maybe composition) with your students.

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