Issue 33 - June 2016

Issue 33 - June 2016

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Music is Big in Small Town Churches

Pam Turner (on our cover) shares her experiences as a church musician in her article Music is Big in Small Town Churches. In addition to teaching and playing, Pam has several arrangements and other pieces being published through the Composers Community found on and SheetMusicPlus. You can listen to some of Pam's work when you click on the song title's in her article as well as learn what it is like to be a church musician in small town America.

Play to Learn: Let's Play! By Michael Katz

Michael Katz shares some more improvisation ideas in his column Play to Learn: Let's Play!

Improvised to Success

Another prolific composer of church related music (among other styles) is James Michael Stevens. Currently Music Department Chair of Welch College in Nashville, Tennessee, James was not always as fond of the piano as he is today. His rocky start did not keep him from eventually learning how to improvise and play by ear, skills that are important to church musicians (and really all musicians). Today he shares his skills with not only students at Welch College, but also with teachers and others who want to learn more through free downloads that can be found on his website. You can learn more about James and his story when you read Improvised to Success. (Be sure to visit his website, there is a LOT of great information there!)

Notes with Nick

Nick Ambrosino shares more advice in Notes with Nick.

Facebook Ads Demystified Part 6 Video Ads

Part 6 of Facebook Ads Demystified takes a brief look at video ads. A new type of video ad was rolled out in the last week that could have a major impact on the video ad landscape. You can learn more in the current installment of the series.

Resource: Church Related Music

Do you ever finding yourself looking for a particular hymn for students? Or maybe you are a church musician yourself and find yourself looking for fresh music to share. While hardly all inclusive, you will find many resources to explore in Resource: Church Related Music. This resource will take much of the legwork away if you are looking for hymns or contemporary pieces (including lead sheets, etc.) And while not technically church music, you will also find links to some Jewish/Hebrew music too.

Music Giveaway: A Sleepy Summer's Night

You will also find a piece of music that you are free to use in your studio if you choose. A Sleepy Summer's Night is a piece I wrote a few years back that I like to use with my students both as written and as the basis for some improv exercises. If you are not sure where to start improvising, you might visit James Michael Stevens' website for some inspiration. When I compose pieces for my students I purposely leave out dynamics allowing for discussions on interpretation and practice writing in dynamics, etc.

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