Issue 34 - July 2016

Issue 34 - July 2016

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Stay Organized in Your Studio

Sheryl Welles of Notable Music Studio (on the cover) joins us this month with an article on organizing your studio. Sheryl shares how we all C-A-N make sure we are ready to have every minute count in the upcoming year when we follow her tips in Staying Organized in Your Studio.

Notes with Nick

Nick Ambrosino shares some advice on teaching students not only what to learn but also how to learn in his column, Notes with Nick this month.

32 Ways to Market Your Studio

Then, if you are looking for new ways to advertise and grow your studio, you will want to read about 32 Ways to Market Your Studio by Amy Chaplin. The best marketing plans are multi-pronged and Amy gives plenty of food for thought which should help any teacher willing to put in the work grow her (or his) studio.

Help Your Students Improvise: Let's Play!

Michael Katz shares another blues improv idea using only 2 chords this time in this month's installment of Play to Learn: Let's Play!

Tees and Totes: Advertising Your Studio

Have you ever considered studio t-shirts or totes? Have you been uncertain about where to start? I will give you some ideas in Tees and Totes: Advertising Your Studio. Other than the initial cost for the tees or totes, if you find the right design and message, these can be a great form of passive advertising for years to come.

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