Issue 37 - October 2016

Issue 37 - October 2016

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An Interview with Carol Matz

One of these teachers is Mary Ruth Schuler. Mary Ruth has contributed to the magazine several times over the years and I always love to read what she has to say. That is why I was so excited when she approached me this summer about doing an interview with Carol Matz. In case you don't know who Carol Matz is, she is the composer behind the "Fun and Famous" series of books published by Alfred Music and she recently launched “The Interactive Piano Method®”. I think you will find the interview Mary Ruth did informative and if you ever were curious about what modern day composers do in their free time... well, just read the interview!

Notes with Nick

Nick Ambrosino shares advice each month (as he does this month) in his column Notes with Nick. Be sure to take a look at the ad he has in this issue following the cover, he is offering some additional wisdom available for the price of your email. I've read the piece, and it was definitely worth the price I paid (and then some). I am already putting several of his suggestions to practice in my lessons.

Suzuki Piano? Isn't that. Where...?

Swan Kiezebrink, BCRMT, runs a studio in northern British Columbia, Canada. A registered and trained Suzuki teacher, Swan contacted me over the summer about writing an article on the Suzuki method. While many teachers are at least familiar with the term ‘Suzuki piano’, very few who don't teach this method truly understand what it entails. You can learn more about Suzuki piano when you read Swan's article "Suzuki Piano? Isn't That Where....?" In her article, Swan covers a bit about the history of the method as well as philosophy. Definitely worth the read.

Rami Bar-Niv: A Man of Many Talents

Then I had a chance to catch up with Rami Bar-Niv for a short interview (via email as he was traveling). I have been pleased to publish reviews of his book The Art of Piano Fingering and his adult piano camp Rami’s Rhapsody, in past issues. This month the focus is on the many compositions of Rami Bar-Niv. I mentioned that publishing The Piano Bench Mag has allowed me to meet and even become friends with many talented teachers. Two of these men take the time to write monthly columns.

Play to Learn: Let's Play! By Michael Katz

Michael Katz is the other teacher who writes a monthly column, his on adding improv to your studio. I love the clear way Michael writes and he always provides me with new ideas I can put to immediate use. Michael is the author of the Freescaling program (which has been getting updated, I am eagerly looking forward to seeing what he has done with this as I loved it from the first time I started using it - there will definitely be an update in a future issue once everything is in place.) This month Michael takes us through a lesson with one of his students where he helps his student figure out the chords for 'Doe, a deer’. Whether you do this sort of thing in your studio on a regular basis or you have never tried something like this before, there is sure to be something to learn.

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