Issue 38 - November 2016

Issue 38 - November 2016

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Look for the Silver Lining and So You Want to Make a Music Video By Sara Campbell

Then, read the story of a very talented and creative music teacher, Sara Campbell (on our cover) and one of her students, who joined forces to create a very special music video. Sara shares not only how this video came to be in Look for the Silver Lining, but she also outlines how you too can go about creating your own music video (So You Want to Make a Music Video).

The Empowered Music Teacher: Your New Superhero

Why not begin to prepare for that now? Shake things up in your studio (if you haven't already done so.) This month, that is the focus of The Piano Bench Mag. Thinking outside the box is one way to put it. Becoming an Empowered Music Teacher might be the way Nick Ambrosino puts it. This month Nick has written an article, The Empowered Music Teacher: Your New Superhero, rather than just answering a question in his monthly column. If you hadn't heard, Nick has been working hard to empower music teachers because an empowered music teacher can empower his or her students. And that, I think, is a goal we all share.

Play to Learn: Let's Play By Michael Katz

Michael Katz has another inspiring column with thoughts on improvising. It really is an important skill to have and one that can have a positive lifelong impact on our students if we choose to go down this path with them.

Teaching Outside the Box

Then I put in my two cents concerning Teaching Outside the Box and a little about what it looks like in my studio. As a child and even into my young adult years, I was very concerned about keeping the status quo and following the 'rules'. The older I get, the less concerned I am about that as I have come to realize the status quo and the 'rules' aren't always the best ways to do things. Teaching outside the box can be scary at times, I occasionally feel like I am flying without a safety net. But in the end, it is always worth it and as a side benefit, I am rarely bored with or burned out from teaching.

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