Issue 4 - January 2014

Issue 4 - January 2014

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So Much to Choose from, Which Camp Shall I Use?

You have decided you want to offer a piano camp this summer. Now what? You basically have 2 choices, create your own camp or choose from the many camps that are already written and available. In the next few pages, you will have at your fingertips a list of many of the options as well as a brief description of the camp (directly from the author/seller's website), what is included in the package, the cost and and a link so you can purchase it. Hopefully by bringing many of these resources together in one spot you will be able to make that all important decision of what to offer this summer a little more easily.

Games, Games, Games! Part 1 & 2

Then, take a look at Games, Games, Games (parts 1 and 2) for fresh game ideas for your studio. No longer is it sufficient to simply go through the next method book and teach strictly at the piano. Thriving studios today combine a variety of activities including games to help reinforce theory ideas and keep the learning active and fun.

5 Ways to Advertise Camps

If you have never run a camp before, 2014 might be the year to hold your first camp. Get tips on advertising and find a roadmap that will help you get your first camp off the ground.

Piano Camp - Not Just for Kids Anymore!

Finally, summer camps are not just for kids. See what your colleagues are offering this summer for adult students and teachers. Perhaps this is the year to go to camp as a camper!

A Short Guide to Planning a Summer Camp

Now that you have decided to hold your first camp you will need to start planning. This short guide should help you as make decisions and organize your first camp.

App Review: Rhythm Cat Lite

This fun little app will give your students the opportunity to practice reading rhythm while tapping along to a variety of rhythms in time to the music.

Oh the Bench: The 10 Minute Daily Invigorator

As piano teachers we give so much of ourselves to our students, our families and friends. But it is important to take care of ourselves too. Recently I ran across a Udemy course that takes only 10 minutes a day. It is called The 10 Minute Daily Invigorator and it promises to help give you that extra energy boost that is often needed to get through the day.

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