Issue 41 - February 2017

Issue 41 - February 2017

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Get Your Pupils Practicing with These Five Effective Strategies

Dr. Sally Cathcart and Sharon Mark-Teggart (aka The Curious Piano Teachers) are on our cover this month and they bring 5 more practice strategies in Get Your Pupils Practicing with These 5 Effective Strategies.

Practice Tips for the Quickest Progress

Doug Hanvey has a blog with a lot of great practice tips, but this month, he shares 2 that you can share with students so they can practice more effectively. These simple tips can pay off in big ways if students put them into place. You can learn more when you read Practice Tips for the Quickest Progress.

Notes with Nick By Nick Ambrosino and Why Do YOU Practice? By Nick Ambrosino

Nick Ambrosino not only answers a question in his usual column, Notes with Nick, he also poses a thought provoking question (that I suggest you spend a few minutes contemplating) in Why Do YOU Practice.

What I Learned About Practice

You may have heard teacher and Piano Pronto Composer's Community composer Susan Chesser is launching a new blog. She shares insights on how she used a summer of lost income and students to her advantage coming through the experience with a stronger studio in What I Learned About Practice.

Play to Learn: Let's Play! By Michael Katz

Michael Katz is back with not only a new exercise to try out using a song most are familiar with, but he spends some time talking about the value you bring to your students when you begin to teach them to improvise. Thought provoking material, especially if you still are uncertain about being able to teach improvisation. Don't miss his column Play to Learn: Let's Play!

The Modern Practice Experience

Many teachers are using technology to help their students practice more effectively. Nancy Tanaka with Better Practice App shares some thoughts on challenges today's student faces when it comes to practice and how Better Practice might be the solution to those problems in The Modern Practice Experience.

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