Issue 43 - April 2017

Issue 43 - April 2017

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Who-o-o's Going to Camp?

This month we have Carol Ilvkovich on the cover. Carol is incredibly creative and perhaps best known for selling all sorts of music themed dice. But there is so much more Carol has to offer, including 14 years creating and running music camps. She shares a bit of her knowledge specifically related to successful camp strategies this month in Who-o-o’s Going to Camp?

Notes with Nick By Nick Ambrosino and Play to Learn: Let's Play! By Michael Katz

Michael Katz shares another great idea in his column Play to Learn: Let's Play, and Nick Ambrosino answers another question in Notes with Nick. You will want to be sure to check out both columns this month!

There Are Good Reasons... And Then There Are the Real Reasons

Perhaps holding a summer camp has been on your 'to-do' list for several years now, yet you never seem to offer them. Have you ever figured out why this happens? I put out some thoughts on this in There Are Good Reasons.... And Then There Are the Real Reasons.

Review: Playing with Preschoolers and Engaging Teens & Tweens

After I had the chance to sneak a peek at the two latest webinar/courses being offered by The Upbeat Piano Teachers (Tracy Selle and Sara Campbell), I just had to write a quick (unsolicited) review. I've only had a short time to look at these so far, but I was so wow'd by what I saw, I just had to share! You will find my review in Review: Playing with Preschoolers and Engaging Teens & Tweens.

8 Resources for Camps or Group Lessons

Also in this issue, 8 Resources for Camps or Group Lessons, which will give you some inspiration and even help getting started on putting together your camps this year.

When Opportunity Knocks

Summer can be a challenging time for many teachers to stay financially afloat. Camps and group lessons are one way to possibly bring in more income. But the truth of the matter some times they don't bring in the income needed or there may be logistical or other reasons they do not work. What's a teacher to do then? I explore this circumstance in When Opportunity Knocks.

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