Issue 45 - June 2017

Issue 45 - June 2017

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How To Fill Your Group Lesson Program

Whatever the age, offering group lessons is the perfect way to cut down your teaching hours while increasing your income. But if you have never taught group lesson before, it does come with a learning curve. Daniel Patterson has blazed a trail for us to follow. In his piece How To Fill Your Group Lesson Program, he lays out many of the problems teachers face when they try to introduce group lessons and the solutions. He has analyzed why his own program failed at first and shows us how to apply these lessons to our own studios. He even provides a solution I have never seen discussed before to the scheduling dilemma so many teachers face. Even if you have absolutely no interest in offering group lessons in your studio, I would strongly recommend reading this article if only as a case study on how to analyze roadblocks you are facing in your own studio.

Play to Learn: Let's Play! By Michael Katz

Michael Katz lays the groundwork this month for a future column as he discusses chords and developing facility with them in his column Play to Learn: Let's Play and I found a twist on the summer standard, hot dogs, in this month's Recipe Roundup.

The Path to Piano

Learn more about the hows and whys of offering group piano for preschoolers and why KiddyKeys is the perfect program to use when you read Kris Skaletski's article The Path to Piano. So many parents of preschoolers are looking for piano lessons for their children and you are leaving money on the table if you don't consider teaching this age. It is true that working with this age group is different than working with older kids, but it can be so rewarding. Because their attention spans can be so short, having a great curriculum is especially important when working with this age.

Why Teaching Creativity Matters

Group lessons are a great way to maximize your income while minimizing your teaching hours. But for one reason or another, not all teachers want to teach group lessons. Or there are students who want to remain in private lessons. One other way you can stand out is by offering improv and composition (aka 'creativity') in your studio. Bradley Sowash has made a name for himself as the 'go to’ guy if you want to learn how to teach creativity. Not convinced you need to get off the page in your studio? Take a few minutes to read Why Teaching Creativity Matters and you might change your mind. He even includes a short list of resources if you want to learn more.

Notes with Nick

Then, as always, Nick Ambrosino is back with more advice in Notes with Nick. This month he expands upon his answer in the April issue. Great advice he has, not only for the music studio, but for life in general!

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