Issue 47 - August 2017

Issue 47 - August 2017

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Teach a Blues Classic: Sweet Home Chicago

Bradley Sowash really needs no introduction. He is well Known as a teacher of teachers (and students) specializing in blues/jazz and improvisation. Featured on the cover this month, Bradley will walk you through how to teach the classic blues piece Sweet Home Chicago.

Play to Learn: Let's Play! By Michael Katz

But there is more! Each month Michael Katz shares new ideas for teaching in his column Play to Learn: Let's Play. And this month is no different as he focuses on transposing, walking us through a piece from Freescaling Mission: Composition called Diatonic Suite. lf you haven't had the chance to visit his website,, might I suggest you take a few minutes to see what he has put together before fall is in full swing? You might be surprised by what you find (especially if you are new to teaching improv and don't know exactly where to start.)

Becoming a Creative Piano Teacher

Ernest Chapman (Magic Music Method) is an incredibly creative music teacher. As the son of a 7 time number 1 hit songwriter, Ernest grew up with some of the greatest musicians of our time. And as such, he has gained a unique perspective as a teacher. With his background, creativity and working off the page was as natural as breathing. This month, he shares some thoughts on Becoming a Creative Piano Teacher.

Notes with Nick

Did you know Nick Ambrosino has great suggestions and advice for teaching improvisation as well as for teaching strategies? If that is news to you, be sure to check out Notes with Nick this month. Nick deviates from the usual question/answer format to share some thoughts and ideas on teaching improv.

A Phenomenally Popular Musical Style

Elena Cobb joins us this month from across the pond. I still teach her blues piece Super Duck to my students (and they still love it!). This month she share her thoughts on A Phenomenally Popular Musical Style.

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