Issue 48 - September 2017

Issue 48 - September 2017

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4 Steps to Organizing Your Mobile Piano Studio...and How to Keep It Organized

This month, Mallory tackles the topic of getting (and staying) organized as a mobile teacher because it's not like you can go and pull out that game, book or piece of music off the shelf at a moment's notice when you are on the road. I will admit, managing this aspect is one of the reasons I have not gone down the traveling teacher road. That may change after reading Mallory's article, 4 Steps to Organizing Your Mobile Piano Studio... and How to Keep it Organized. Not mobile? Don't pass by this article because much of what she has to say will be of value to all piano teachers!

The Piano Teaching Professional's Guide to Sanity

As teachers we put so much of ourselves into our students (and families) and often neglect ourselves. But this can lead to burnout. That is why I was so thrilled when I saw the topic Nick Ambrosino decided to tackle this month The Piano Teaching Professional’s Guide to Sanity. He shares such an important message, especially at this time of year!

Help! My Life and Studio Are a Mess!

Do you ever struggle with to do lists? It seems all the 'experts’ say the way to get and stay organized and on task is to maintain a to do list. I don’t know about you, but while they occasionally work for me (for instance if I have a lot of things to do that take a short amount of time and need to be accomplished within a 24 - 48 hour period), most of the time they get lost in the pile of papers on my desk. And that is why I was so excited when I learned about a different system that has been helping me stay organized and on task (and I haven't lost it yet!). Curious? You can learn more when you read Help! My Life and Studio are a Mess!. I'd love to hear if this method works for you when others did not.

Play to Learn: Let's Play - Talking Theory with Students

Michael Katz is back with another installment of great improv and blues teaching ideas in his column Play to Learn: Let’s Play! This month he shares more ideas for teaching theory while teaching blues.

Getting Ready for...Summer?

With summer gone, most teachers focus on the task at hand - scheduling, signing up new students, planning lessons, etc. But are you thinking about getting ready for next summer? I never do and as a teacher who depends on my teaching income to pay the bills, on more than one occasion I have found myself scrambling at the last minute to figure out how I was going to get through the summer months. And I know I’m not alone because each spring I see posts from other teachers in the same boat. Why not start planning for next summer now? (or maybe you are set for summer and take it off but want to plan for a special vacation or large purchase). In Getting Ready for... Summer? I share some thoughts on this.

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