Issue 49 - October 2017

Issue 49 - October 2017

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Harness That Holiday Enthusiasm! Arranging Christmas Music for the Piano

I feel so fortunate to have Adrienne Fero McKinney (on the cover) share her expertise with us this month. A teacher and composer, Adrienne is well-qualified to speak on how to help students compose arrangements of their favorite holiday music. Whether an early elementary student or advanced, Adrienne has tips to share that will make the job easier for you and your students. Be sure to read Harness That Holiday Enthusiasm! Arranging Christmas Music for Piano.

Teach Your Students to Improvise with a Holiday Classic

Many years ago, while on a late night phone call with a fellow teacher, I learned how to play an easy to learn, yet impressive looking version of Carol of the Bells by rote. I've been teaching this piece every year to virtually all of my students and it is always a favorite. Over the years, I've challenged some of my more advanced students to improvise on this piece and make it their own. Not only do I teach you how to play (and teach) this version of Carol of the Bells, but I also make suggestions for ways it can be changed by you or your students in Teach Your Students to Improvise with a Holiday Classic.

Teach Your Way Through the Holidays

Not interested in improvising or composing? Fortunately, we live and teach during a time when there are many teacher/composers who have written Original pieces or arranged well-loved favorites which we can use in our studios. While it would be nearly impossible to list every piece now available, you will find a good selection of Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas pieces in Teach Your Way Through the Holidays.

Improvising Inspiration? Experiment wit Rhythm

Michael Katz expands on the ideas he shared last month and shares plenty of new improvising ideas in his column Play to Learn: Let's Play! Improvising Inspiration? Experiment with Rhythm.

Review: Piano Moments by Mark Paulson

I also share a review of Mark Paulson's book, Piano Movements. Not only will you want to read the review, but you will want to check out the most generous deal Mark is giving readers of this magazine... but don't procrastinate for the deal will not last very long!

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