Issue 5 - February 2014

Issue 5 - February 2014

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KiddyKeys: A Closer Look at One Pre-Piano Program

In KiddyKeys, a Closer Look at One Pre-Piano Program, I share a bit about what I learned about this program when I had the opportunity to chat with Kris Skaletski, co-founder and owner.

An Appreciation of Adult Amateurs

Whether you already work with adults or are just thinking about it, there is a website you will want to spend some time exploring. Musical Fossils was put together by Matthew Harre who spent much of his career working with adults and even created the Adult Music Student Forum (AMSF). AMSF is an organization dedicated to supporting the adult amateur. You can get a taste of the sort of ideas you will find on Musical Fossils by reading An Appreciation of Adult Amateurs by Mr. Harre.

Working with Special Needs Students - One Teacher's Perspective

Cathy Hirata saw a need that was being unmet in her community and she set out to fill that need. The result has been a thriving studio serving special needs students in addition to the 'typical' student. You can read more about her experiences and find some good advice in Working with Special Needs Students - One Teacher’s Perspective.

Look at Me!

And after you have read about Cathy Hirata’s work, spend a few minutes watching the results of her efforts in Look at Me! If you have never worked with special needs students, you might be surprised at what can be accomplished.

Resource: Pre-piano and Preschool Music Programs - a Short List

One way to keep a steady stream of piano students coming to your studio is by offering preschool music programs. The program can be a general music and movement program such as Kindermusik or Music Together or it can be a program more specifically designed to introduce elements of playing the piano in addition to the music and movement aspects. There seem to be more choices all the time and in this issue, you will find a ’short list' of many of the programs you can choose from along with a brief description and hyperlink to the website to save you time in your research.

Working with Adults is Different...

At the other end of the spectrum are adult learners. It seems more and more adults are signing up for lessons these days. Whether they are fulfilling a lifelong dream (because they never had the opportunity as a child) or they are returning to the piano after a hiatus when life got in the way, there are some things to keep in mind when working with adults because Working with Adults is Different....

Video App Review: Music4Kids

This month, for the first time,we bring you a video review of the app Music4Kids. Now you can see what is inside this app for yourself before you decide if it is right for you and your studio.

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