Issue 6 - March 2014

Issue 6 - March 2014

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A Short History of Piano Fingering

Our cover story this month is A Shod History of Piano Fingering by Rami Bar-Niv from his book The Ad of Piano Fingering. In this brief excerpt, he not only gives an overview of the history of fingering but he also briefly addresses why fingering is such an important topic.

The Secret of Rhythmic Playing

Then view a video segment or two as you read what Fred Karpoff has to share on The Secret of Rhythmic Playing.

Dynamics: "Finger Attacks" and Animal Stickers

Do your students ever have problems working through forte and piano sections of their music? See what Faith Anne Flynn has to say in her article Dynamics: “Finger Attacks“ and Animal Stickers.

Review: The Gravi-DVD

Beth West has shared her impressions of Dr. Paul Wirth’s DVD which is geared towards teaching technique to young students in Review: The Gravi-DVD.

Quiz: How Well Does Your Approach to Technical Work Teach Technique?

How well does your approach to teaching Technical Work promote technique? Take this short quiz to find out.

Teaching Scales - the Purrfect Way

Jackie Sharp, a teacher from Australia, has been working on the release of her new series of books, Purrfect Practice. Spend a few minutes taking her quiz and then read about the history of her new series of books in Teaching Scales - the Purrfect Way.

Resource: Technique

Are you looking for even more resources to digest related to technique? If so, check out Resource. Technique for links to even more websites related to technique.

Video Review: Treble Cat

And don’t forget to check out this month's video review of the note reading app Treble Cat!

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