Issue 7 - April 2014

Issue 7 - April 2014

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Meet the Bloggers!

In this issue, you will have the chance to meet a few bloggers up close and personal. I asked four different bloggers if they would be willing to share a bit of their story. Some you may know. Others you may not be as familiar with. I believe if you take some time to 'meet' each blogger you will find that your time was well spent.

Meet Chad Twedt: Cerebroom blog

If you are looking for new and sometimes even controversial ideas to consider as they relate to the profession of teaching piano then you owe it to yourself to check out Chad Twedt’s blog, Cerebroom. Unlike many blogs out there, his posts are rather infrequent (about once a month) but are very detailed and thoroughly researched.

Meet Joy Morin: Color in My Piano

Joy Morin and her blog, Color in my Piano is perhaps one of the most well known blogs today. With over 1400 subscribers, Joy has impacted our profession in ways few will be able to match. Whether it is through her inspirational quote of the week, teaching materials she has created or just words of wisdom, you can be sure to find something of value every time you visit Color in My Piano.

Meet Jennifer Foxx: Foxx Piano Studio Resources

Whether reviewing apps and other technology that can be used in your piano studio, providing opportunities to win many of the products she reviews, or giving a voice to new bloggers or teachers who might have something to say but do not have a blog, Jennifer Foxx and Foxx Piano Studio Resources is a blog worth following.

Meet Sara Campbell: Adventures of a Piano and Voice Teacher

Although she has only been blogging a few months (since the beginning of the year), Sara Campbell has already provided a substantial amount of useful content to the piano teaching community. As Sara teaches voice in addition to piano, you will find articles related to the teaching of voice too. Not only does Sara provide resources that will help to spice up your lessons (see photos at the end of this article), but she also has already provided articled that will help you run the business side of your studio (for instance her compilation of links to articles with helpful tax tips for piano teachers.)

Striking the Right Note Online

Then, Susanna Perkins, a former musician who traded her 88 key keyboard in for a computer keyboard has taken the time to share with us her thoughts on setting up a studio website. She also gives some compelling reasons why EVERY studio should have a website. If you already have a website, you might find a few ideas for ways you can take greater advantage of your current website.

Resource: A List of Bloggers

Then, there are two resource articles. In one, another group of bloggers is introduced. While not as in depth as the interviews, in addition to names and links, you will find a little information about the focus of each blog. Just as we all teach the same subject but have different styles and areas of focus, so each blogger is unique in the perspective he or she offers and the topics covered. Maybe you will find a new blog or two to follow before you finish this magazine!

Book Review: Coffee with Ray

Finally, read a short review of the new book for teachers called Coffee with Ray. Nick Ambrosino has done a marvelous job addressing many of the issues and frustrations of teachers in this entertaining new work.

Resource: A List of Bloggers Part 2

If you still have not found that blog of your dreams, read on. In Part 2 of the resource articles, even more blogs are linked to. These you will get to explore on your own. Who knows what treasures you may find!

App Review: Rhythm Solitaire

Rhythm Solitaire is a different sort of rhythm practice game. Played like traditional solitaire but with notes and rests on the cards, students are challenged to really learn and internalize the value of notes and rests.

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