Issue 8 - May 2014

Issue 8 - May 2014

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How to Rescue the Unmotivated Teenage Piano Student

Teens! So much potential, so much frustration at times. This month we will be looking at teens as students. Andrea Dow shares some ideas on how to motivate teens in her article How to Rescue the Unmotivated Teenage Piano Student.

Teaching Chords: As Simple as 1-2-3-(4)

If you have ever wanted to teach students how to play from lead sheets but did not feel comfortable teaching chords or even if you would like to learn a new way to teach chords, be sure to check out Teaching Chords. As Simple as 1-2-3-(4). This method of teaching chords is easy enough that even your youngest students will be able to learn all their major and minor chords in a very short time. No more rote memorization of dozens of chords!

Teaching 12 Bar Blues to Inspire Beginners (Especially Boys)

Tim Topham has found blues to be a great motivator of students. You can learn more about how to introduce the blues in his article Teaching 12 Bar Blues to Inspire Beginners (Especially Boys!).

Notes with Nick

Nick Ambrosino, teacher, teacher coach and author is joining The Piano Bench Mag with a new column this month called Notes with Nick. In each column Nick will answer a question or two that are sent in to him related to issues that come up while teaching. I am very excited to have Nick joining the magazine as a regular contributor. I know his wealth of knowledge will benefit us all. If you have a question, be sure to send it in for possible inclusion in a future column.

Book Review: The Art of Piano Fingering

In the March issue of the magazine you were able to read an excerpt from Rami Bar-Niv’s book The Art of Piano Fingering. This month you can read a review of the book. Included in the review is a look at the Table of Contents so you can see exactly what is covered in the book.

Resource: Music for Teens

Our monthly Resources column is focusing on music for teens this month. Some of these resources you may already be familiar with but others may be new to you or at least not resources you may have thought to check out so be sure to look at Resources. Music for Teens.

App Review: Letter Glow

Finally our app review this month is for an app that will help you quickly and easily create graphics for you blog, website, Facebook page and more. Several of the pictures in this magazine were created with this app. I have also been using this app to create graphics with quotes that I have uploaded to the magazine's Facebook page.

BONUS: Music Giveaway - Blues

I have also found the blues to be quite motivating for students of all ages and I am sharing 2 blues pieces I have written that I use with my students in Music Giveaway.

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