Issue 9 - June 2014

Issue 9 - June 2014

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I'm a Piano Teacher... Why Do I Need a Mission Statement (and how do I write one?)

Most people think mission statements are only for non-profits and large corporations but they can be valuable for piano studios too! In I’m a Piano Teacher... Why Do I Need a Mission Statement (and How Do I Write One) you will discover reasons you should consider having a mission statement and learn how to go about writing one.

Notes with Nick

And Nick Ambrosino is back to answer another question in Notes with Nick.

10 Ways & Places to Find Piano Students (that you might not have thought of)

Are you looking for new students for your studio? Word of mouth advertising is often the best way to get new students, but it is not the only way. In 10 Ways and Places to Find Piano Students (that you might not have thought of) you will find more ways and places to look for students.

Book Excerpt: The (Well) Informed Piano

This month we also have an excerpt from the newly published book The (Well) Informed Piano by Miguel Henriques.

Book Review: The Highly Sensitive Child

Many times we run into students who are a little more challenging than the 'average’ student. The more we understand about these students, the more elective we can be as teachers. Be sure to read Mark Sorrells' review of the book The Highly Sensitive Child, a book brought to his attention by the mother of one of his students. You might find you have some highly sensitive children in your studio too!

3 Ways to Use Social Media as a Tool (that you might not have thought about before)

Social media is everywhere and most studios have either a website or a Facebook page. But are you really taking full advantage of social media? Be sure to read 3 Ways to Use Social Media as a Tool (That You Might Not Have Thought About Before) if you are looking for new ways to use social media in your studio.

App Review:

Have you ever wished there was an easy way to make professional looking graphics for your blog, website or Facebook page? Our review of Canva will fill you in on what this program can do for you. Best of all, the program is free! (Nominal charges to use certain graphics will apply.)

Resource: Online Business Tools

This month’s Resource page focuses on two areas that will help you run your business: music studio software and email subscription services. If you have thought about adding either of these to your studio, this resource will save you some time doing the initial legwork.

More Fun with Blues! (with Music Giveaway)

You will also find more blues pieces in this issue along with some ideas on ways to use them in your studio.

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