Journey to Hidden Treasures | Pirate Themed Practice Incentive Program for Music

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LEVEL Multiple Levels
PRODUCT TYPE Digital Download

In Journey To Hidden Treasures, the goal is for students to demonstrate growth as they are discovering and mindfully using the hidden treasures in music making as they practice and perform their pieces.

Students will be earning gold coins, collecting gems and completing escape room challenges as they rank up and progress in their journey.

Escape Rooms! This program includes 3 Digital Escape Rooms PLUS multiple leveled options for differentiated needs. Pick the best option available.

  • Escape Room #1: Mermaid in the Mist covers note naming (multi-level- keyboard or staff notes depending on level)
  • Escape Room #2Missing Pirate Loot covers rhythm (multi-level options)
  • Escape Room #3Escape the Plank covers dynamics, moods, articulation and tempo (multi-level options)

See PDF preview pages above! For an inside look watch this video. ⭐

Included Files-

•Journey to Hidden Treasures Teacher Guide and TOU (this file)

•Student Instructions

•Digital Escape Rooms

•Digital Escape Room Instructions

•Escape Room Timer options

•Gold Coins

•Hidden Gems

•Photo Props

•Printable Treasure Box

•JPG Graphics-

  • Strive for 5
  • Treasure Map Posters
  • Journey to Hidden Treasures Logo
  • Journey to Hidden Treasures Poster

•Treasure Map Ships (for poster)

•Assignment Sheets



•Décor Posters

•Pirate Getting To Know You Worksheet


⭐ If you have any questions or problems at all with the resource, please contact me directly first, before leaving a review. You can contact me in the Q & A on TpT or through email (in the TOU file).⭐

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