Jukebox Journey | Practice Incentive Program

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LEVEL Multiple Levels
PRODUCT TYPE Digital Download

An interactive experience like no other, students will be transported in time through games, activities and videos as they progress in their practicing during the week. Included are 10 different virtual music rooms from the roaring 20's all the way to the future!
⭐⭐For an inside more detailed look, watch this video.⭐⭐⭐
"Great job, Jennifer, and for all the work obviously involved in putting this together, you need to sell it for at least $150! Can't wait to use it, and it's absolutely perfect for both online and in-person lessons. Thanks so much!"Nancy S.
In this program you will receive the following files: 
  • Jukebox Journey Instructions
  • Jukebox Journey Assignment Sheet (PDF can be printed along with the student book or uploaded to a PDF reader for you to type in and then send digitally)
  • Jukebox Journey Certificate
  • Jukebox Journey Banner
  • Jukebox Journey Posters/ Décor
  • Jukebox Journey Time Travel Passes includes 3 options: QR Codes with JPGs or Printable PDF, or Clickable PDF. (for 10 virtual music decade rooms via Google Slides)
  • Jukebox Journey Photo Props
  • Jukebox Journey Progress Log
  • Jukebox Journey Progress Tags (PDF and JPG options)
  • Jukebox Journey Student Book Pages and Cover options
  • Jukebox Journey Time Travel Diary (both Google form link and PDF options)
  • Jukebox Journey Flyer or Recital Cover Templates
  • Jukebox Journey Social Media Templates 
  • Jukebox Journey Digital Badge Board (track progress online!)
  • Creative Story Composition: Musical Decades
  • Jukebox Journey Early Finisher Page
  • Jukebox Journey Getting to Know You (PDF or editable PPT version)
  • Jukebox Journey Treat Toppers (Birthday & Student of the Month)
"Jennifer. Thank you for making me so excited to teach even if online, which I am 90% sure I will be. I decorate my studio and make up incentive programs every year but I am not as adept at making online motivating. Your online skills are so amazing and I love this theme. You have saved me so much time and helped me be in love with teaching even when online!!!" Pamela F.
⭐⭐If you have any questions or problems at all with the resource, please contact me directly first, before leaving a review..⭐⭐⭐
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