Let's Use Free Speech to #UnionizeAccenture and #UnionizeEverywhere

Let's Use Free Speech to #UnionizeAccenture and #UnionizeEverywhere

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Despite opposition and obstacles, Andrew Bushard has continued to answer his calling to unionize the company of Accenture. Since the publication of his books Let's Use Free Speech to Unionize Accenture and Other Companies and Let's Use Free Speech to Promote Unions at Accenture and Other Places, he has continued resisting management and he has experienced a paradigm shift realizing all unions are not the same. This work describes his encounters with bad and harmful unions, repressive and arrogant management, apathetic and hostile coworkers, and helpful and encouraging Syndicalists.

Andrew Bushard's efforts to unionize Accenture has been inspiring people. Andrew Bushard filed a National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) unfair labor charge against his employer Accenture for violating his unionization rights. The NLRB agent "found merit" in his charge, so the NLRB prosecuted Accenture. Accenture capitulated and agreed to a settlement, so Andrew won the case. Victory! Andrew Bushard's unionizing success can empower you when you unionize and pursue other leadership endeavors.

32 pages. Cover illustration by rifatnaim.

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