Music.Alley - The Game
Music.Alley - The Game
Music.Alley - The Game

Music.Alley - The Game

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Meet Dot, Dot’s greatest ambition is to be released from his spot on the page…but there is a problem…the only person that can make that happen is your student! Do they have what it takes to free Dot and his friends from the page?

This game brings the elements of music to life and teaches students to consider pitch, rhythm, technique, expression, context and performance from the very start through the characters of the game. This game is perfect for the foundation level, roughly grades 1-3.

Everything is included:
Game Sheet
Dice Templates
Character Templates
Meet Dot – The Story
How To Play
Notes For Teachers
Low Ink Print Versions

Meet the music friends
Uncover their secrets to practising musically
Be the musical detective who sets them free