Music Labs Made Easy (eBook)

Music Labs Made Easy (eBook)

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This Music Labs Made Easy eBook is your go-to guide on how to set up a music lab. After many years of including music labs in my independent piano studio, I hope you will find these tips easy to follow and helpful as you consider setting up a music lab in your studio. This guide has three parts:

Part 1: Scheduling

In this section we will talk about how a lab time may fit into your tuition structure, what students they're best used for, how to schedule them and for how long.

Part 2: The Set-Up

In this section we will talk about what device(s) you may want to use, where to situate students in your studio to complete the lab, and other tools you may need.

Part 3: Assigning Labs

In this section we will talk about the logistics of how to set up, organize, and assign lab materials from week to week.

For the sake of keeping this guide more about tips and logistics of setting up a lab – and for the sake of keeping it as concise as possible – I’ve decided to not include a list of apps and programs. There are so many out there that it could potentially overwhelm this guide and even quickly outdate it!

My intention is that the Music Lab series on Piano Pantry will serve as a suitable guide to knowing what programs I enjoy using the most!

I hope your students will find your music lab time to be enjoyable, interesting, enriching, and engaging.


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