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Dissonance has been up to no good. He has caused chaos in the sheet music world causing the notes to crash into each other.
He must be stopped before music as we know it is completely destroyed! Luckily the Superhero Apprentices are ready to help!
Each challenge will test their abilities and bring them closer to saving music! With no time to waste… It is time to defeat dissonance!
In the Sheet Music Heist, Each mission activity will bring students closer to saving music as we know it!
The activities go along with the super powers students are training for in the A.N.T.H.E.M. program if you are using that program. However, you do not need to be using that program, in order to use this 4-hour camp. This lesson plans included can be adapted for any group activity that you are planning.
Tip! If you need more time to fill, I highly recommend adding the Comic Strip Composition activity. You can easily create an 8-hour camp with adding that resource along with this one.
Not interested in holding a camp? That's okay! These activities will work well and can be adapted to any group activity you do hold. Whether in the classroom or in the music studio, students will enjoy Sheet Music Heist!
  • Sheet Music Heist Lesson Plans
  • Guide Note Gotcha Superhero Edition
  • I Spy Super Symbols
  • Ka-Boom!
  • Kinetic Intervals
  • Mission Cards
  • Music Superpowers Performance Checklist Cards
  • Name that Superhero Anthem Worksheet
  • Power Rhythm Bowling Score Sheet
  • Power Rhythm Labels
  • Video Performance Links (suggestions)
See the preview for what is included!  
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