Music Theory Beginner A

Music Theory Beginner A

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Music Theory Beginner A is the first workbook of the ABC Series. These workbooks provide young students (ages 6 - 10) with a solid foundation in music theory with practical applications. Fun and Engaging with 12 Lessons, Reviews and Sight Reading & Ear Training Games (Imagine, Compose, Explore).

Music Theory Beginner A Workbook (88 pages) features these concepts and more!

KEY GROUPS - Black and White Keys - High, Middle & Low Sounds

PATTERNS - Same (line or space), Step (up or down) and Skip (up or down)

STAFF - Treble (Middle C to Treble G - line 2) and Bass (Bass F line 4 to Middle C)

NOTE VALUES - Whole Note, Quarter Note (stem direction up and down)

ANALYSIS - Musical Concepts, Terms, Symbols and Signs

BONUS - Music Theory A - Guide and Chart!