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Musicathlon is an “Olympic” inspired practice incentive program. Students choose and complete different music-themed events while completing a 30 piece challenge. Click the preview button for a taste of just some of the printable you will receive.
Both summer and winter sports-themed graphics are included in the decor and tag file so you can use this any time of the year. I like to use this program every 4 years. Mine just happens to correspond the same year as the winter Olympics but can be done when the summer Olympics are going on or perhaps you want to use this as a summer practice incentive. Totally up to you!
The Musicathlon file you will receive includes:
•Incentive Instructions (READ FIRST)
•30 Piece Challenge Poster
•Assignment Page (includes an editable option)
•Getting to Know You Sheet
•Musicathlon Certificate
•Musicathlon Decor
•Student Workbook (includes 30 Piece Chart)
•Activity Pages (inside the student workbook)
•Musicathlon Tags
•Teacher Log
•Musicathlon Treat Toppers
•Practice Chart
PLEASE NOTE: This file does not include event tests but does include iOS app suggestions for event tests.
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