NoteWordy (TM) Level 2

NoteWordy (TM) Level 2

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Beginning through advanced music students will develop note reading proficiency on the entire grand staff with Level 2 of this comprehensive note reading game. NoteWordy™ delivers results while creating enthusiasm and is the perfect companion to any method. Great for individual or group lessons with up to four players, play this music game in as little as five minutes. 

  • This professionally printed game set includes four double-sided game boards, playing cards with bass and treble staff, winks, and instructions.

Students identify multiple note names on both the bass and treble staves to complete each turn, giving students additional practice on every play, with the goal of completing the word on his or her gameboard. Since speed is never a strategy for winning, slower students can compete with faster students.

Additional Levels Available

The included CrossWordy (™) game adds variety to the game. In this alternate note identification game, players use one game board to earn the most points by completing words.

Your students will become more proficient at note reading after playing this game just once!

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