Pass The Presents | Bass Clef Note Reading Christmas Game

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Looking for a quick and fun Christmas game to test your beginners' bass clef note reading skills? 

Searching for a simple game to play one to one or in a small group? 

Check out Pass The Presents! 

'Pass The Presents' is an easy-to-learn game that will get students and teachers giggling as they practice their bass clef note reading! 

Players start with one present each, with the rest of the presents placed in a pile. 
A timer is set for 2 minutes. 
In this time players take it in turns to pick up a card, identify the note, and then follow the instructions for that note. 

You got a C? That means you get to keep your present!
Next player's note is a D? Uh oh! They have to give a present to another player! 

Play continues with notes being identified and presents swapping between all the players.

The quicker the notes are read, the more opportunity the players have for obtaining more presents! 

At the end of the two minutes players count up their presents and whoever has the most is the winner! 

Pass The Presents will be included in a bumper pack of Christmas Games coming out soon, (and will include a variety of different question cards)

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