Peanut and PBJ’s Hunt for Gold!

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This fun St. Paddy’s inspired board game is a great way to get your students to reinforce certain concepts or challenges! Choose your own challenges with your students at the beginning of the game! See more detailed instruction and ideas below ☘️??


?? This is an easy game to tailor to what you want your students to work on! On the title page, in each colored box, choose a concept or a challenge you want your students to complete when they land on that color coin. For example ??

? Play a song with your eyes closed

❤️ Run through a scale

? Practice a rhythm pattern 

? Play a chord progression 

? Practice a hard measure from a current piece 5 times

? Show me your coolest dance ? moved ? because why not!! ?

And if you land on a gold coin, follow the instructions you see. If you see a +1, +2… and so forth, move forward that many spaces, and same for -1, -2, move backwards that amount of spaces. Some coins tell you to go to the « next orange coin, » or « last red coin… » 

All you need is a ? dice and then your choice of activities/cards, or any materials you’ll need for the challenges you choose above. 

I would personally laminate the page, and at the beginning of the lesson, you and the student decide what challenges you’ll be doing. They might come up with awesome ideas! ??? This way, you can change challenges over and over. 

OR‼️ You can print the page several times to have for different levels, and permanently choose a set of challenges. Let’s say you have beginners, one coin would have them find a specific note on the piano… or one would have the imitate a rhythm pattern you do… I mean, the great thing about this format is that the possibilities are endless!


If you have challenge ideas ?, tell us in the comments!! ?????? ? 

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