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The Play Around Piano Books, for preschoolers to advanced students, teach a range of creative music concepts and skills through playing beautiful music, engaging games and activities.

You will enjoy Improvisation Quests, Lead Sheets Destinations, Preschooler Action Songs as well as playing and creating with the beautiful music of the Classical masters.

This purchase is a FREE digital download. It includes The Play Around Piano Books Sample Pages PDF (68 Pages).

The Play Around Piano Improvisation Series will teach you how to improvise on the piano as you journey through fun and exciting Adventures and Quests. Play your way through The Part Penta Adventure.

The Preschool Piano Action Songbook teaches a range of music concepts and develops technical, rhythm, creative and aural skills through fun, engaging, easy to play, actions songs. Enjoy the Spooky ABCDEFG Song and Activity Sheet.

Classical Piano Arrangements for Intermediates contains a selection of beautiful, sophisticated arrangements of some of the most beloved music of the Masters. Play this beautiful flowing arrangement of Air on a G String.

Creative Classics for Beginners with Multi-Level Easy Piano Arrangements, Music History Activities and Games contains 12 loved classics that will engage beginners with the lives and music of the Masters. Introduce your beginners to Bach's Prelude in C.

Lead The Way will take you into the fun, exciting world of lead sheets as you travel to a range of engaging music arrangement destinations. Start your beginners with The Two's Company Destination.

Scaling New Heights will have your students playing and improvising with 12 scale variations in C Major. Enjoy creating your own music using the C Penta and Major Scales.

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